Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gazans fearful of further attacks

We warned the world and no one listened. Now the United Nations condemns the Zionist empire for their attack on Palestinian Gaza. Palestine is under an aggressive attack based on false media reports of rocket attacks of illegal Jewish communities in Palestine. Some Palestinian freedom fighters take credit for rockets into Jewish communities after the Israeli Zionist attack. American and Jewish media reports that the rocketing was offensive. Haamid

Gaza's residents remain wary of further Israeli attacks, with air raids continuing even as Israeli troops withdrew after a campaign that killed 120 Palestinians over six days.
The last Israeli tanks pulled out of Gaza on Monday, ahead of a two-day visit by Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, who is promoting US-backed peace talks.

Rice's stated mission is to revive peace talks that were re-launched with great fanfare at a conference in Annapolis, Maryland, in November.
A senior Israeli official said there would be a "two-day interval" for Rice's visit, though northern Gaza was hit by two air raids late on Monday. Read More

US election crosses the border

By Ioan Grillo

As the US state of Texas and Ohio prepare to vote in the latest round of presidential primaries, Al Jazeera examines how the candidates' campaigns are having an effect across the border in Mexico.

The US presidential primary battle for Texas and Ohio has not only sent shockwaves across the US, but also over the Rio Grande and into Mexico.

In the run up to the US contests, both Democrat contenders have threatened to pull the US out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), which has seen a surge in imports of everything from cars to avocadoes over the 3,000 km Mexico-US border.

Mexican and US commerce ministers responded with a vigorous defence of Nafta, claiming in a meeting in the resort of Los Cabos on Thursday that free trade has brought huge economic growth.

And both Democrat and Republican candidates have also continued to trade blows over illegal immigration in the vast "lone star" state of Texas, which borders four Mexican states and has a swelling Hispanic population.

Mexican politicians have also warned US candidates not to use migrants as a punch-bag to gain votes.

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Democratic presidential hopeful Barak Obama promised to hold a summit with Muslim leaders if he won the presidency

In an interview with a French magazine, Obama said he would organize the summit to discuss the current differences between the Muslim world and the West.

"Once I'm elected, I want to organize a summit in the Muslim world, with all the heads of state, to have an honest discussion about ways to bridge the gap that grows every day between Muslims and the West," Thursday's edition of Paris Match quoted Obama as saying.

"I will ask them to join us in battling terrorism but we should also be willing to listen in terms of some of their concerns,” he added. Click Here to Read More

Monday, March 3, 2008


A good friend informed me that it may be the Zionist mercenary group B'nai Elim who sent me an email with my father's photo attached and told me to remove a photo from my blog. My friend who had worked for the government in Egypt some years ago told me he believes this Zionist group may be contractors for the Mossad and United States intelligence. Though this is second hand information, I will take this seriously. I will not cower and this proves how these Islamophobic western pigs will continue in their crusade. I urge my readers to please send me what ever information they can to help me keep them from continuing this harassment. Haamid

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who is this that melted in?

I received a threatning warning to remove the photos I had posted here. I will repost them when I find out who wanted me to take them off.

It looks like someone here found some new friends. Can anyone comment?? these thugs are probably Mossad contractors. They call themselves the Bnei Alim. Why was our brother there sitting with these ? Someone please fill me in on this organization.

What do I feel here?

Turning a Blind Eye

Why do some people say "My way or the highway"? Is it hard to acknowledge the truth if it was different from what we thought? Or should we stick to what we believe in if we don't have the courage to admit that we might have made a mistake?

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

El Dolor es Palestino

"O pueblos del mundo . . . en donde estais?"
Los siguientes dos extraordinarios videos nos cuentan del sufrimiento del pueblo Palestino bajo la ocupacion Israeli. El primer video, "El Dolor es Palestino" nos dice que la herida a Palestina es ancha y profunda y pregunta porque los pueblos del mundo se quedan callados antes la inhumanidad sionista. El segundo video, "El dolor de los niños Palestinos" nos hace llorar. La niña Palestina en el video es inovidable. Su mensaje al mundo entero sobre el sufrimiento de los niños Palestinos nos llega al corazon.

Gracias Voz de Aztlan,

Haamid Nidal

Muslim Man Says He Was Called "Terrorist" At Orlando Mall


Local Muslim man is demanding action after, he said, he was verbally assaulted and even called a terrorist at an Orlando mall. He said security guards failed to help when he asked and now he wants Orlando police to get involved. (08/16/07)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pueblos Sin Voces Columna / People Without Voices Column - AZTLAN=PALESTINE: OCCUPIED UNDER THE SAME ENEMY

By E.F. Mohammed Martinez

(Revised English Version)

Our land of AZTLAN (Occupied Mexico) from California to Texas was NEVER ceded voluntarily. The invading colonialist EuroameriKKKans “arrived” in Plymouth RocKKK, Massachusetts on December 1620, …ILLEGALLY! (What else is new!) Unfortunately the biggest fatal mistake our INDIGENOUS Native American brothers made was when our contemporary XENOPHOBE RACIST enemies’ predecessors, were not asked for their damn “Green Cards” or a “Passports” before allowing them to contaminate this continent with their venereal diseases and other lethal life threatening biological plagues for future centuries! (Yea! …Right!) These white heathen barbarian Europeans are not the only ones who washed ashore illegally on this Northern continent from England. I can equally point out how this similar grave HIS-storical travesty was also repeated by OUR INDIGENOUS AZTEC ancestors when the Spanish conquistadors Hernan Cortez and his band of invading cut throat thieves were no less murderous and racist than the Mayflower lawless gringo pirates in the same light when they pillaged and plundered almost all of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands.

People, let’s get down with it! After more than 387 years, today WE suffer the consequences of Anglo Saxon AmeriKKKan colonialism and their GLOBAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! The police abuses and racist attacks against OUR undocumented RAZA by ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) with roundups and deportations on a massive scale continue unabated on a daily basis. OUR neoNAZI Brown Shirt MINUTEMEN enemies are not too far behind this RACE WAR either!

The miserably recent failed “Amnesty” Bill was NEVER beneficial to OUR undocumented communities who reside in THE DISUNITED SNAKKKES OF XENOPHOBE RACIST IMPERIALIST AMERIKKKA! (The undocumented have better luck obtaining “Amnesty” in McArthur Park. Wink! Wink!) Had that “Amnesty” law passed, without a doubt it would had separated thousands of families for several years and would had also forced many head of household breadwinners to return to their countries of origin and without a guarantee of possibly ever obtaining a solution to their legal status after spending thousands of dollars whereas in the final outcome it would had become a tremendous economic burden, whom the majority of these applicants are low income pay check to pay check workers.

The FACT of this matter is that the recent vetoed U.S. Senate “Amnesty” Bill was NEVER introduced nor debated in good faith from the outset. As far as most of these Washington DC Senate “carnival snake oil barkers”, “dummycrats” and RepublicsKKKums alike who depend on OUR RAZA VOTES, it was just another political “circus pony ride” and a joke on OUR undocumented RAZA, …PERIOD!

Now, let’s ask ourselves the next polemic question; What do WE have in common with OUR Arab Palestinian brethren across thousands of miles from AZTLAN who live under European colonialism in the racist criminal TERRORIST apartheid ashkeNAZI so called “Zionist Jewish State of Israel”? MUCHO! These ILLEGAL interloping “Jews” of European origins were NEVER INDIGENOUS to the land of Palestine! (Research and read up on; AZTLAN and MANIFEST DESTINY) The majority of these selfdescribed Zionist “Israeli” Jews originally hailed from Russia, Poland, Germany and the rest of Europe. After the Second World War, Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust Jewish victim survivors later became the 21ST Century GLOBAL CRIMINAL GANGSTERS AGAINST HUMANITY! YESTERDAY’S OPPRESSED ARE TODAY’S OPPRESSORS IN PALESTINE!

These self-described Zionist “Israelis” today are the descendants of Hitler’s former “good” students whom they were taught well how to commit the same brutalities and genocidal atrocities in cold blood against the Palestinian people in their own homeland! Sad but true, the victims became the victimizers in the final outcome of the Nazi Holocaust. Since 1948 to present day, Palestinians have been forced to live under an “Israeli” government sanctioned TERRORIST brutal and repressive occupation, led by the IDF (“Israeli” Defense Forces). For one Palestinian to travel and visit a nearby town or village, they need special permits, ...in their own land! What human humiliation! Their homes and properties are almost daily confiscated with false pretexts and conjured up accusations of aiding and abetting their “terrorist” relatives on heresy false information without overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise.

“Israel” today stands accused of criminal past and present human rights violations by many international human rights organizations and activists, including conspiracy through colonialist ILLEGAL land grabbing and expansionism with their utmost sinister intent of preventing it’s occupied Palestinian landowning citizens from ever returning to reclaim their rightful land they were forced out without judicial process or recourse to address their grievances in a court of law. Research and read up on; 1948 The Balfour Treaty)

The judicial court system for Palestinians at EVERY level is a misnomer and almost non-existent. (Hello Ramsey Muniz! Hello Leonard Peltier! Hello Mumia Abul Jamaal! Hello ALL political prisoners! And hello Troy Davis, a proven innocent man on Death Row who was about to be executed by the state of Georgia on Tuesday 7/17/07 but was granted a last minute 90 day reprive! And hello RACIST XENOPHOBE ameriKKKa!) This is no different than the pre Nelson Mandela former South African apartheid regime or ameriKKKa’s former segregationist (Apartheid) pre 1950s civil rights era Black JIM CROW in the South and today’s RAZA Brown JIM CROW in AZTLAN, …and as in Palestinian JIM CROW which is today’s Apartheid Zionist “Israel”staple for almost 60 years with the unconditional blessings of ameriKKKa’s powers that be.

Palestinians were NEVER consulted or asked by their pre1948 former British occupiers after Palestine was turned over under the “Balfour Treaty” by the then British Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Secretary of State), Arthur Balfour, to the Zionist Jewish TERRORIST organizations, the LEHI and Irgun. These are the same Zionist Jewish terrorists who on the morning dawn of April 9, 1948 attacked a defenseless Arab Palestinian village, Deir Yassin, as they murdered in cold blood more than 250 men, women and children. (In my future column; THE RISE AND FALL OF A ZIONIST STATE, I will provide more in-depth details of this human atrocity account.) Great ghosts of fire! Hmmmm… This “Balfour Treaty” almost sounds and smells parallel to what happened in AZTLAN about 160 years ago with OUR Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on February 2, 1848!

The colonized and occupied Palestinian people to date are subjected to every indignity as scorned “illegal aliens” in their own rightful land. In most cases they are deported to neighboring Jordan or other Arab countries. (Hello Native Americans and RAZA in ameriKKKa!)

AmeriKKKa’s “mainstream” press media apparatus has been accused by many foreign and American independent news agencies as being controlled and manipulated by AmeriKKKan pro Zionist “Israel” powers that be and the alleged well financed and powerful “American Jewish Lobby” in Washington D.C. and the Pentagon. In addition, the pro “Israel” political propaganda machine has inundated the American general taxpaying public and the international communities with LIES and HYPOCRISY by claiming to be a “democratic land of Israel” by it’s “Israeli” tourist industry. In their foreign tourism propaganda, they NEVER mention their brutal human rights record, as previously mentioned, and how Palestinians are totally isolated and ignored as a nonexistent occupied people under the force of military arms. What arrogance! What audacity!

In all historical reality, there was NEVER initially a self termed Zionist State of “Israel” entity, nor a European interloping ashkeNAZI “Jewish” people in Palestine before 1948. And there will NEVER be an apartheid Zionist “Israel” as long as one single INDIGENOUS Palestinian man, woman and child remains in the struggle to eradicate with extreme prejudice if need be, the present occupying “Israeli” cancer that permeates colonized Palestine! (Hmmmm… Now where have I heard this before?!)


I would like to hear your opinions at; aztecchicanointifada@yahoo.com

We're back

After being warned via phone by who I think are Zionist thugs, to be careful what I post on the Hammid Nidal site. I was careful to take precautions. Three of them, one being a woman, were waiting outside my place of employment to speak with me. They refused to identify themselves to me. I think I know who these vile zionists are and after I relocate I'll expose them.

Somehow they have access to private information and know I've just rented an apartment in New Jersey. I really don't care and will continue the site. When I move, they will have to go through a Muslim neighborhood to find me. I'm surrounded by western trash now and I'm not on even ground. I want to thank all our readers and invite them to the Hammid Nidal Movement. Allahu Akbar!