Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We're back

After being warned via phone by who I think are Zionist thugs, to be careful what I post on the Hammid Nidal site. I was careful to take precautions. Three of them, one being a woman, were waiting outside my place of employment to speak with me. They refused to identify themselves to me. I think I know who these vile zionists are and after I relocate I'll expose them.

Somehow they have access to private information and know I've just rented an apartment in New Jersey. I really don't care and will continue the site. When I move, they will have to go through a Muslim neighborhood to find me. I'm surrounded by western trash now and I'm not on even ground. I want to thank all our readers and invite them to the Hammid Nidal Movement. Allahu Akbar!


hockey hound said...

They were waiting for you, Hammid, maybe because you're a freakin' terrorist! Dahhh!

Haamid said...

Mr Hound, you don't know what you're talking about. It was most likely the zionist b'nai elim or mossad spies with the help of hateful people like you calling every Muslim a terrorist and sending them after me. The bnai elim hasn't heard the last of me. I won't be intimidated. I will expose them.