Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CAIR Rep Debates Religious Accommodation in Schools

FOX's Bill O'Reily and San Diego ex-Mayor debate CAIR's representative Abrihim Hooper on Muslim accommodations in American public schools. These Americanist/Zionists have to wake up and realize they cannot stop our children from religious study. They need to "get over it" and stop crying. This brave educational step will stop the spread of Zionist brainwashing.


hockey hound said...

What is "Zionist brainwashing"? Islam's mendacious apologists have made that term such a rote phrase that it has lost its meaning.

I am not Jewish. I am not a Christian either. Does this make me a Zionist because I don't want you in my country? Islam's hatred of the Jew is so utterly inculcated into the Muslim mind that they think anyone who opposes Islam's barbarity has to be Jewish and a Zionist. You people need to "get over it" and get the fuck out of my country.

You don't want me (or permit me) in Mecca (or how many other Islamic hell-holes) because I am not a Muslim? Fine, I don't want you in Canada precisely because you ARE a Muslim. That's fair, isn't it? Why can you not see the fairness in that exchange?

You don't want the West to change your Islamic heritage? Fine. Don't destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage. Leave us alone. Go back to the blood-soaked lands where your religion is a segmental part of the egregious cultures it created.

You don't belong here. You cannot mix with our accomodative culture as your Islamic culture is totally insalubrious and one of hatred and violence. Is that so hard to understand? We don' want you here because you don't fit in here. Hello!

You want to study Islam? Go to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or any number of Islamic androcracies where your religion's tendentious violence and brutality is unremarkable, where such violence is not glossed over (as it is in the West by all your asinine apologists) and denied as if it didn't exist, as if Islam didn't create it.

Stop trying to transmogrify my country (Canada)and the rest of the Western world into one of your Islamic killing fields. I don't want you here. Period. Canada doesn't want you here. We're tired of being faced with the choice of trying to tell you this and being murdered for saying so publicly, or not telling you this and seeing our country turned into the fucking mess you make of every country your religion poisons with its attendant violence and hatred. Islam is nothing but trouble, trouble spelled: T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-M. Simply put: No Islam, no terrorism.

You label every opponent of Islam as a Zionist? Fine, accordingly I label you as a terrorist. That's fair too, isn't it? What, do I die now. Do you issue a Fatwah against me and my wife and children. That's how Islam works, right? As your Koran teaches, we're less than human right, cursed by your god (not mine, thankyou very much) as not deserving of life because we're not Muslims, right?

Islam doesn't make "brave educational steps." Islam only makes steps backwards into the darkness it came from, toward either conquering, colonizing, or killing all dissenters. And they don't do so bravely, oh no, they do so as cowards, killing women and children and innocent civilians. It's part of their religious tradition, always has been.

You haven't realized yet that the West is NOT ready for you. We never will be ready for you. The image at the top of this blogs is indicative of your latent hatred and shameless disdain of the West and a culture that was good enough to open its doors to you. But you don't deserve our kindness. You, because of your malefic religion, will NEVER be good enough for us. Dahhh. You do not belong here. Get over it and get out.

hockey hound said...

Documentary tells story of Jews who left Muslim nations
By LARRY BONKO, The Virginian-Pilot©
May 3, 2006

NORFOLK - "It's my story. It's my parents' story."

That is how a Norfolk woman, Farideh Goldin, describes "The Forgotten Refugees," a PBS documentary that airs at 10 tonight on WHRO .

The 45-minute film deals with Jews who became refugees from Muslim lands in the years after the state of Israel was founded in 1948. The producers say the story of the Mizrahi Jews is a forgotten story.

"The Jews were forced to leave their birthplaces in the Middle East and North Africa due to intimidation from their governments and their neighbors," according to a news release . "In many cases, the refugees were not allowed to sell their property, businesses or goods before departing. Many Muslim governments profited from their departure, obtaining in many cases large swaths of land and big businesses "

Goldin, whose family left Iran in 1979 after the Islamic revolution led by the Ayatollah Khomeini ended the reign of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi , said her parents lost much upon leaving Iran for Israel.

"Their losses were both material and emotional. They lost their place in the Iranian society and culture," she said.

The film's producers estimate that 600,000 displaced Jews, such as Goldin's family, went to Israel. The others were scattered to other lands. "The plight of these nearly 1 million Jewish refugees from Arab lands has never before been recognized or addressed," said Rafi Finegold, the project manager for the film produced by The David Project and IsraTV.

"The Forgotten Refugees" features interviews with refugees from Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Iran. Included are pictures and film that show the exodus of people who, as victims of anti-Semitism, were despised minorities in Muslim nations.

"The refugees have suffered twice. First, in their persecution, and secondly in knowing that their story had been forgotten," said Goldin, who was in her 20s when she left Iran with her parents and sister, all of whom live in Israel.

Haamid said...

Mr. Hockey Hound. Obviously you are Canadian. If you are not a jew or a christian, what are you? Are you an athiest or anti-thiest? Either way you are misguided and will soon accept the ways of this ever changing world. You will come to realize the only truth, the truth is Islam.

You will regret those terrible things you said in this comment after you become my brother. I don't hate you or your hateful heart.

You are a lover of jews and confused. I, as a Muslim love everyone.

This is why the children of public schools should learn about Islam in their classes. Muslim children should be given a temporary asylum from the western brain washing they face daily. Don't Muslims pay taxes?

Yes my friend, "get over it". Your children will understand us better than you very soon. They will not spew such Islamophobic rants like you and the Zionist neocons..

hockey hound said...

What I am is none of your business, Hammid. One thing I will never be is a Muslim. I will sooner have angels fly out of my ass than I will be converted to Islam. You people seem to think the world admires you. Hey, guess what? They don't.